Queen Sheba

Discover the delight of authentic Ethiopian cuisine at this jewel of a restaurant on East John Street in the heart of Capitol Hill! To keep dining true to its country of origin, you eat with your hands! No silverware on the table here! Whether you are craving Ethiopian cuisine, or just want to treat your taste buds to something different, head to Capitol Hill and experience Queen Sheba.

Our menu features veritable Ethiopian favorites, including vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes. Do not worry about the food being spicy, as many of the dishes offer the option of being served "hot or not". All dishes are freshly cooked and served "family style". This is such a fun way to share food with friends, a loved one or family members! Large, freshly-cooked platters of food are delivered to the table piping hot, for everyone to enjoy. Each diner receives their own injera, a sour, thin, pancake-like flat bread, to scoop up the sauces and stews.

More About Us!

All of our menu items are made from recipes passed on through generations of our family. Every dish is prepared with love and with tradition in mind. Some of the popular dishes include doro tibs (chicken breast cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes and jalapeno) and doro wot (spicy chicken stew with onions). The yebeg wot features succulent chunks of lamb sauteed with fresh lime and tomatoes. The kitfo stars chopped eye of round beef sauteed in a special blend of spices and fresh cottage cheese. The many delicious vegetarian dishes include bamia (okra), gomen (greens cooked with onions and spices), and misser wot (red lentils stewed in onions and a secret spicy sauce)!

Whether you get takeout or dine-in, the Queen Sheba culinary experience is not to be missed! Join us on a culinary adventure and take in the aromas and flavors of Ethiopia with us today!